I’m blindfolded and I’m feeling my way around

being totally guided by carefully listening to sound

I’m in darkness, unable to see any light

It’s extremely difficult as I’m used to having sight!

I reach out in front of me with my hands and arms

making myself fully aware of potential harms

now I’m far more aware of what it’s like to be blind

and my security is the topic I have on my mind!

I’m blindfolded imagining what I might actually need

in order to feel safe and ready to go out and succeed

I believe that it’s time for me to truly admire

how any blind person can find that real desire

to cope fully with their situation the way they do

having the self confidence to make it through

so that they can be seen and treated as they like to be

just ordinary people, just like you and me!

A poem by Rebecca Chapman 12th June 2021

If you would like to know more about the problems and issues of being blind,

please participate in our Visual Impairment Awareness course

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