Transgender Awareness & Understanding

Course Description

To give you a good understanding of the long medical journeys a trans person undergoes, together with an understanding of the reference terms in common use, including language and terminology, cis-gender, non-binary, intersex, the pathways from M to F and F to M with the key stages in each pathway, the lived experiences of the facilitators plus a short life story video, LGBT facts, gender clinics, how to support a trans child, equality in the workplace, the laws surrounding gender and equality and how they affect you, and so much more……

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Course FAQs

Everyone is the simple answer. Everyone and particularly those in a public-facing role, be that the police or other emergency services, to business managers, ship captains and shop floor workers.

The 2024 charge per head is £75.00 plus VAT (90.00) for Teams public sessions. Face to face groups are available at a discounted rate. Video training costs depend on the number of licences purchased – please ask for details.

We will only normally accept a maximum of 20 people in each presentation, as this allows everyone the opportunity for questions, and allows us to keep to the 3.5-hour duration. We can, however, work with larger groups by negotiation.

You will learn about the full pathways to allow you to be more understanding, and you will understand how to address a trans person without causing offence

We will email the list of resources to you after the event

Language & terminology, intersex, non-binary, use of pronouns, pathways from male to female & female to male, key stages in each pathway, supporting trans children, facts and figures, personal life stories of the facilitators together with a video presentation, equality in the workplace, important legislation and how it affects you and more

We use the Microsoft Teams platform, which you can download for free, and deliver face to face when it is safe and permitted to do so. E-learning is now available on licence, please ask for details

Yes, there is hatred but by educating people on this subject we aim to achieve a more inclusive society, not just in the UK, but around the world also.

Yes, it is a fully accredited CPD course for which you will receive a certificate upon completion

Upcoming public/open courses

These dates are open to individuals and small groups that want to attend individually. Please request more details using the link provided. 

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