How to Prepare for a Job Interview and Avoid Confusion – Tips for Transgender Job Seekers

Job search has always been quite a stressful and time-consuming process. If you are a transgender person, interviewing can be even more difficult because of the extra stress of bigotry and gender identity to add to the existing pressure.

Taking the effort to prepare for an interview in advance can help you pass it successfully and receive an offer of employment. There are certain actions you can take both before and after the interview to ensure that you leave a lasting impression on your future employer.

We have a few suggestions for job seekers who are concerned about their gender expression during the job interview process.

1. Aim for Consistent Use of Your Name in Legal Documents and References

Transgender or non-binary people have the option of revealing their gender identity at work or in an interview. Some people think it necessary to do so, while others believe it to be unnecessary. Ensure that all of your names are the same in every legal document to prevent awkward situations during the interview.

Keep in mind that certain jobs demand an extensive background check. If your name has not been formally changed in all legal papers, you may be requested to provide your deed poll or any former names that are still valid.

2. Reinforce Your Pronouns

Make sure to provide your name and pronouns at the bottom of your email to the human resource manager, so that they use the correct pronouns when they meet you for the first time.

Any of your job application materials, such as your resume, cover letter, and email signatures should include the pronouns you use in your correspondence with a human resource manager.

3. Politely Correct Misgendering

The right use of pronouns has been seen as a sign of respect for a person’s gender identification. Misgendering occurs, when a person misidentifies another person’s gender and might happen during a job interview, so you need to be prepared for it.

In a professional interview, it is advisable to believe that misgendering is accidental and not deliberate.

Interviewers usually feel embarrassed by their mistake, therefore, you should not pay too much attention to it. Simply allow the interviewer to apologise, and transfer the attention back to highlighting your relevant experience and talents.

4. Research the Company’s Inclusion Policy

Get an idea of the organization’s inclusivity before submitting your resume. This will allow you to decide whether the recruiting team and company are welcoming to transgender people.

Check out reviews on large job search websites, and study the company’s website.

5. Wear Professional and Comfortable Clothing

It is important to wear something appropriate for the interview but also comfortable and allows you to fully express your identity.

Researching the company’s website and finding out how formal their workplace is, is a fantastic way to figure out what kind of interview attire to wear. You may want to consider gender-neutral clothing, such as trousers and button-down shirts in neutral colours.

You may find it beneficial to take some time off after an interview to recharge your batteries. Relaxation practices, such as yoga and breathing exercises may help you cope with issues that make you feel overwhelmed.

You can also discuss the interview with your friends and family to get emotional support and encouragement from them or contact experts at National Gender Training to discuss your concerns related to employment.

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