The Effect of Positive Self-Esteem on Workplace Productivity

Self-esteem is a person’s feeling of worth and confidence in their capacity to achieve their goals, based on their strengths and competencies. As a result of others recognizing their value, people have the self-confidence to develop and implement a life strategy. However, if a person’s appearance or self-expression aren’t widely accepted by others it can negatively affect their self-esteem.

Low self-esteem and increased levels of internalizing illnesses are both linked to discrimination and injustice. A lack of control over life experiences and exclusion from positions of authority results in a feeling of powerlessness and inadequacy. Thus, unequal treatment significantly undermines psychological well-being, degrading people’s protective resources and increasing their susceptibility to serious mental health conditions such as anxiety, chronic stress, and depression.

UK Equality Act of 2010 and positive workplace actions that promote socioeconomic equality have the added benefit of increasing transgender people’s self-esteem and self-respect since social support is crucial for mental well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Transgender people’s self-esteem can significantly improve if employers offer them the needed level of support. Therefore, we are convinced that employers can have a beneficial impact on the mental health of their transgender staff members.

Providing equal employment rights means that each individual is valued and respected based on their professional merit, not how they look or dress. All individuals, regardless of their gender identity and expression should have equal opportunities allowing them to achieve success in their careers. Therefore, employers need to ensure that all of their staff members undergo gender inclusion training to fully understand the needs of their transgender colleagues.

Gender inclusion training has a favourable impact on the self-esteem of transgender people and their workplace productivity. Preventing prejudice and creating an inclusive workplace should be a top priority for all businesses. With our gender inclusion training, you can create a workplace where all your employees feel happy and confident, regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Please contact experts at National Gender Training for further information about our gender-inclusive training sessions.

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