Meet the team

Michelle Clarke


Founder and owner of NGT. Born in 1955. Worked in the Merchant Navy for 12 years latterly as Captain on a millionaires luxury yacht. Also founder and owner of Marine Chart Services. Has been transitioning for many years. Passionate about promoting trans awareness to all people in all industries and walks of life.

Natalie Clarke

(She/Her) - NGT Trainer

Born in 1981, Natalie knew she was different from a very early age, but – being blind – was forced into a marriage by her parents and had to live as a male until she found the strength to come out as trans. Following her divorce in 2019 she has been taking herbal supplements and prescription hormones and is now very much the woman she has always wanted to be.

Timothy Long


Timothy Long – born in 1965 when modern technology was still in its infancy. A child growing up with a fascination in anything with a plug or battery. Built his first radio at the age of 12 which turned into a life long hobby of shortwave radio.

Alongside this life long hobby was an era of technology growing bigger and faster.  Modems grew faster and faster, cabling got bigger and bigger and then modern technology shrunk it down to a fibre the thickness of a human hair.

Timothy has worked in all aspects of Information technology, from cabling to application management. His role within the company is to advise and ensure company assets and technology are the best of breed and fit for the purpose of its employees and customers.

Yvonne Gurney Prof.DipPsy.C, Cert.Hyp.Cs.


Born in 1973 and has over 32yrs experience of working in the care system, working originally with adults and the elderly who were living with mental health problems. Working in residential settings, sheltered housing and then in Woodhill prison for category A prisoners, on suicide watch.

Yvonne grew up within a family who fostered. As an adult she then became a foster carer with her husband and young children. She fostered children for over 24yrs, during her fostering career she trained as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, she now runs her own private counselling practice for Adults & Young People, specialising in Trauma, Anxiety & Stress.

She is also a Psychotherapist for children’s therapeutic homes in Northamptonshire. She offers Foster carers therapeutic support and guidance. She also facilitates training to Carers who foster and work in care homes. She sits as an independent panel member for foster panels for a Local Authority and an Independent Fostering Agency.

Vicky Stuart


Born in 1988, I have previously worked for a vintage inspired boutique doing social media and events. I am autistic with two autistic children, and this means I have a massive passion for education on neurodivergence and others that are considered different. I have my own business The Powderpuff Room, where I am a hair, wig and makeup artist. I also have a shop selling items around these services. I like to think I offer a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent people, but of course everyone is welcome, as long as they are kind.

Kerry Owen


Kerry was born in 1979. She has over 20 years of teaching experience and currently works in the education system, specifically within primary schools. Kerry works for Estyn as a Registered Nursery Inspector, inspecting and evaluating nursery settings.

Kerry works in an area of high deprivation in Cardiff. She utilises the Thrive approach, which is a method that focuses on supporting the emotional development of children to help them thrive. Kerry also incorporates trauma-informed practices, showing her awareness of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma on the learning experience.

Kerry has a passion for STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). She has collaborated with Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University on various projects, including Exercise Science research and the development of a ‘Superbugs’ website and resources.

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