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About our training courses:

We offer a range of courses including Transgender Awareness and Understanding, LGBTQIA+ Awareness, Professional Behaviour in the Workplace and a number of Health and Social Care courses.

We have diversified into providing training in many different areas. From Transgender Awareness and Understanding, to bullying and harassment, LGBTQIA+ Awareness and now health and social care. Our first health and social care course will cover the highly acclaimed P.A.C.E. model as developed by the clinical psychologist Dan Hughes. Future courses will deal with communication, self-harm, past trauma and much more….

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Current Courses

Transgender Awareness & Understanding

To give you a good understanding of the long medical journeys a trans person undergoes, together with an understanding of the reference terms in common use…

LGBTQIA+ Awareness

An understanding of the main reference terms used by the LGBTQIA+ community and how you can support them.

Professional Behaviour in the Workplace

Our ‘Professional Behaviour – A workplace Priority’ training programme provides delegates with a set of tools and increased knowledge to deal with the issues of bullying and harassment appropriately as they arise.

PACE: A trauma-informed approach to supporting children and young people

PACE is a way of thinking, feeling, communicating and behaving that aims to make the child feel safe.

Domestic Abuse – A Survivor’s Story

This course covers the types of abuse, terminology, facts and figures, how to recognize and support a victim, the law and so much more. It ends with the real life experiences of one of the facilitators and their story includes harrowing facts that may upset you, but, they are a fact – it happened!

Upcoming Courses

Blind and Visual Impairment

To give sighted people a good understanding of the limitations that happen when using non accessible document formats, and the daily impact that visual impairment can cause.

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